At Scottish Nail Academy we teach in a way that empowers students to tackle the challenges faced when learning new skills. We want you to accomplish your nail goals, no matter your level of learning.

We are real people with real expertise which means face-to-face learning as we guide you expertly through every process.

Our courses are longer to make sure you get a really good shot at learning and honing your new skills.

Smaller class sizes mean that we can concentrate on giving each student the attention they deserve.


As well as the fundamental basics of each system, we teach you loads of tips and tricks to get the very best performance from your tools and products.

We create a fun and enjoyable learning experience that encourages and empowers you to believe you can achieve what you set out to do.

We provide lifetime post course mentoring and exclusive access to VIP Facebook groups where you will find video tutorials and a safe place to ask advice and post your progress.

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